A brief understanding on web design and development

Currently the best component in both traditional and digital marketing in the context of Nepal is a website. So build it better.

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By Aastha Rijal

Web design is the design of interface or structure of a website. There are many key factors that contribute to a great website design and development. Such as simplicity and flexibility of a website. A website must be appealing enough to make the user want to buy your products or trust your brand. Just a good design is not enough a website should be easy to handle for admin and keep easy track of records. But a good UI(User Interface) and UX(User experience) can help your website stand out.


“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel

“UI is the saddle, the stirrups, & the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.”

— Dain Miller


UI is about how the user interacts with your website and constantly improving or making it better.

UX is about the design and  how attractive a website is.

They both are closely related and at the same time too far apart.  A good web design is which provides the best to the user. Rather than just having a website full of text you have to add images, video, typography and infographics to make the content more interesting. The structure of your website and landing pages must be the best it can possibly be. 

“The first impression is the last impression” and if your website isn’t up to the mark you will not get the engagement you need for your products.


Web design is design, usability and interface of the website and the user’s point of view where as web development is about the functions of a website and the admin’s point of view. The front end web developers work on web design and the backend developers work on web development. Actually both are closely related terms almost the same but the different words are given just to make them more specific. 

SEO for website development and design 

SEO is a very  important factor to be considered in the developing and designing of a site. Even if your site is most well built site and has the best design still your website will rank very low on google if SEO is not done correctly. Both play a very vital role for improving you digitally. A website is one of the best methods of marketing in the modern time. A well constructed and properly optimized website will not only help you to get better monthly traffic it will help you in the long run to earn trust, rank high and stand out.


Now, You may have the basic knowledge about web design and development and its importance. But it isn’t just the website and SEO that you need to pay attention to Social media marketing, Content marketing, Ecommerce marketing if you have an ecommerce store everything is necessary for the growth of your business.

What can we do about it?

We are here for the same cause. We will help you build your presence digitally, a good product also needs to be marketed. So, it is important for all business whether big or small to separate marketing budget for their business. We have right leaders within our company to do so. Our founders are certified from University of California, Davis for mastering SEO, content marketing and social media expertise. Metal Empire is built for a cause, to help each brand come up-to people, to show company’s feeling that they care about their costumer. We have only one goal: “To help business grow their customer and gain their trust by providing quality services so that business in Nepal will grow exponentially and guide our Nation to become Self-Reliant”.