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A brief introduction on social media marketing

The use of social media platforms to engage with your audience to promote your brand, improve sales, and drive traffic to your website is known as social media marketing. This includes creating compelling content for your social media profiles, listening to and engaging with followers, assessing your outcomes, and executing social media ads. The major social media platforms (at the moment) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Publishing was the beginning of social media marketing. Businesses were using social media to promote their content to drive traffic to their websites and perhaps, sales. However, social media has evolved into much more than a platform for disseminating information. Businesses nowadays use social media in a variety of ways. For instance, a company worried about what people are saying about its brand on social media might monitor conversations and respond to key references (social media listening and engagement). If a company wants to reach a certain group of people on a large scale, it will run highly targeted social media ads (social media advertising). These are frequently referred to as social media management as a whole.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse

Social Media Platforms 

Various social media platform have their own function and you can use all the platforms for the benefit of your business. For instance, social media such As Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are referred to as “networking” platforms because they allow users to communicate with one another in a number of ways (Facebook: 2.6 billion monthly active users; Twitter: 166 million daily active users; LinkedIn: 160 million users in the U.S. alone). Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most popular networks for photo sharing (Instagram: 1 billion monthly active users; Pinterest: 367 million monthly active users).

YouTube is the leading video platform is used by a wide number of users worldwide with 2 billion monthly active users. Users may exchange photographs and videos with apps like Snapchat and TikTok, which also have a number of unique interactive and extremely experimental features (Snapchat: 229 daily active users; TikTok: 100 million monthly active users in the U.S. alone). Both Tumblr and Reddit enable users to discuss specialty subjects such as memes, events, politics, and pop culture. When users create a post, these platforms allow other users to share it or add their own comments to the dialogue.

Why is social media marketing important for you?

The world is ever-changing and it has never been this easy for any individual/company to reach out to this mass of people. With One post/tweet/video you are one step away from millions of uses who are ready to listen/read your content. If businesses use this platform, they can monetize each of their content. Global businesses are turning online, i.e., online stores, online training, online services, and online consultancy. And each business needs to make a digital presence in this digital world.


Now, you have a better understanding of what is social media marketing and why it is a so important factor of digital marketing. But just social media marketing is not enough. You also need to pay attention to other components for a digital presence you need a website as it is one of the most important factors of engagement to social media for the engagement and traffic in the website you need SEO. And content marketing because it is necessary for all forms of digital marketing.

What can we do about it?

We are here for the same cause. We will help you build your presence digitally, a good product also needs to be marketed. So, it is important for all businesses whether big or small to separate marketing budgets for their business. We have the right leaders within our company to do so. Our founders are certified by the University of California, Davis for mastering SEO, content marketing, and social media expertise. Metal Empire is built for a cause, to help each brand come up to people, to show the company’s feeling that they care about their costumer. We have only one goal: “To help the business grow their customer and gain their trust by providing quality services so that business in Nepal will grow exponentially and guide our Nation to become Self-Reliant”.