SEO in Nepal


The department of metal empire media that focuses on SEO, web design or developing SEO friendly website.


We Take a look at your current digital presence and plan out a strategy for the future.


We start designing your website if not made previously. Or, redesigning by optimizing for seo from the begining.

Long term SEO

We start to do work for SEO such as blog posts, backlinks, technical SEO such as sitemap and schema markup.

About Us

We focus on quality work for the future keeping the googles algorithm in mind and developing a website that won’t get affected in the future due to changes in algorithms and ranking factors. Our technical and marketing leaders have internationally valid certifications and are experts in their field of digital marketing.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a digital marketing strategy to build your website’s digital presence or simply optimizing a website for google search. Optimizing a site also about optimizing on every search engine not only google. But google is the most widely used search engine throughout the globe. Therefore, it is primarily focused.

What is SEO optimized website?

A website that takes all the SEO ranking factors into consideration creates an SEO strategy that fits the business and implements it as a website optimized for SEO. Now, you have a good understanding of what is SEO and what is SEO optimized website. But how can a website be optimized?

There any many factors that Google looks into while ranking a website. Back in the days google used to rank a website just based on keyword density or backlinks. But it is not the same now. Google changes its algorithm frequently and the factors that should be considered also change accordingly. But overall Google always wants the best user experience and if we focus on the user’s view of our website’s usability and content we can succeed in SEO. This can be done by a well-designed and developed website and the correct content marketing strategy.


“The goal of SEO is not to rank #1.  The goal is to generate leads and sales for your business.” -Dave Naylor

 “Good SEO work only gets better overtime. Its only search engine tricks that keep changing when the ranking algorithms change”.



Google’s algorithm and how it can affect a website’s SEO

Google makes around 500 changes in its algorithm every year. The history of the Google algorithm for SEO is as follows:

The change in googles algorithm for SEO started in 2000 AD when google launched its browser toolbar and toolbar page rank. Which is used to locate search terms in the web pages and ranked the one with the highest density or finding search term in the highlighted keyword. Then many algorithm updates started showing up which affected the previous rankings. For example XML sitemaps, No follow as a ranking factor.

After that, some updates were seen that had a massive impact on google ranking. These updates include Florida, Caffeine, Panda, Penguin, etc. It lowered the ranking of sites with spammy links, short content, too much keyword density, sites with high Bounce rates (Audiences who navigated back after viewing only one page), Which led to a better user experience and shuffle in rankings.

Now, Google focuses on “Quality over quantity” and ranks the sites that have great content, a trusted brand, and which provide the best. But how will google find out that you have these features on your website?

It all comes back to having a good SEO. There is a lot of sites that have the best content possible and still rank on page 10 of google and get 0 monthly traffic. Now let’s have a look at algorithm effects and ranking factors.

Content with value

For your business to provide value and stand out you need a great Content Marketing Strategy with content that provides value to the audience. A content that provides value to the audience means Providing what the audience is searching for, creating regular informative blog posts with your targeted keywords. And relevant internal linking. A great quality properly optimized content and quality on-page SEO can help your website earn trust, rank high, and stand out. Content means not only text you also need images, videos, and infographics. Content needs quality if you have spammy links and too much keyword density your website will be marked as spam and penalized as of the earlier panda and penguin updates from google. If you do these correctly will your website actually rank on page 1?

Ranking on page 1

Ranking on page 1 isn’t easy and no SEO agency can actually make sure that you get the no 1 position. You may get to page 1 in 3 months or you may not even in 2 years. If you hire us we will do everything we can from our side and do what your website needs to rank high. We cannot assure you that you will be ranking on position 1 till the end of our campaign but we can assure you that your website traffic, audience, brand trust will increase, and rather than just focusing on ranking we focus on sales and conversions and actually providing you value. If you search for the keyword “football shoes” Nike doesn’t appear in position 1 because ranking is just a single part of SEO and Creating a brand is more important than ranking on position 1.

Page 1 is necessary but not necessarily position 1. Ranking on page 1 and creating a brand that people won’t click on the page in position 1 but your page even if it is below. That is what we focus on. But we will do no mistakes and do everything it takes and you will eventually rank high. The results take time to appear.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t directly influence SEO and cause a change in rankings because links from social media are marked as No follow (links that do not have any influence in the increase in SEO rankings). But it can help in many other ways for example:

It can help to increase your brand, website traffic, and audience. You need all the components of digital marketing correctly done to see the results. Social media helps in creating your brand with the help of influencers and a target audience that brings value to your website. And your website needs to have social media buttons and sharing buttons for better engagement in the social media profiles. This is how SEO works together with Social media marketing. So, you need to pay attention to both SEO and Social Media Marketing side by side for the growth of your business.

What can we do about it?

We are here for the same cause. We will help you build your presence digitally, a good product also needs to be marketed. So, it is important for all businesses whether big or small to separate marketing budgets for their business. We have the right leaders within our company to do so. Our founders are certified by the University of California, Davis for mastering SEOcontent marketing, and social media expertise. Metal Empire is built for a cause, to help each brand come up to people, to show the company’s feeling that they care about their costumer. We have only one goal: “To help the business grow their customer and gain their trust by providing quality services so that business in Nepal will grow exponentially and guide our Nation to become Self-Reliant”.