Influencer based marketing campaign that brings results

When you are featured by an influencer it means you are getting extra trust as the influencer’s audience takes it as “the influencer has trusted the brand” which increases the brand value and brand awareness.

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By Abhiyan Rijal

Influencer marketing is the type of marketing that employs 3rd party content creators to improve brand awareness and drive traffic that brings conversion if done properly. In this, we will be discussing how influencer marketing can prove effective to any business and how influencer marketing can be done properly. We will be discussing the secret method that no one talks about when explaining influencer marketing. We will be showing you the exact process you can use to get influencers with little to no cost, all the way to getting sales through the campaign. 

“It is only when you have other people’s best interest in mind that you will be able to build influence .”

Let’s sum up the process in a few steps that are getting influencers, creating content, getting the results. Seems simple?

1) Proposal and getting influencers:

Your proposal to an influencer must not be based on what you want from them but, what you can offer them. For example, You would like to promote the brand of your shoes then, your proposal should sound like this.  

Hey, I am Your Name from Your company.

We are looking for a long-term partnership with you. Our brand mostly focuses on casual shoes and sneakers.

You spend a lot of time and effort creating great content and your effort made us choose you as one of our influencer representatives/brand ambassadors. We will be sending you our newly launched products and products from cross-promotion partners depending upon your engagement level. We would love to work with you. If you are interested, please let us know, so that we can move forward. You can call us at (Your number).

With regards,

Your company

This is just a sample of how you can approach an influencer. It covers the main points and the reply may come similar to, “Can you please explain more about it” or “what should I do in this?” and then you can explain the process that comes in the second step.

2) Creating content:

Even if you have the influencer who is promoting the product if the presentation isn’t good enough there will be no result. Instead of the influencer just posting their photo or video showing the products as an advertisement, you have to create a different type of content. The content that is liked by the influencer’s audience and the products should replace the regular product he/she is using and be shown as if it is used on a daily basis. The product should get focused but it should look normal and maybe even better than normal. You need to use influencers to create trust not to get sales because what you need to do is create a brand sales are something that will come around eventually.

The only part now left is to wait and create more and better content, get more influencers, build connections and your brand will come up higher over time. It is a long time process and obviously “it is worth the time.”