Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

This is the digital era you’re in. If your marketing is on good hands you win. But Digital or Traditional which one should you focus on? Which is actually good for you?

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By Abhiyan Rijal

Whether Digital or Traditional Marketing is promoting your products and getting them to the target audience. But it isn’t so simple. There is a lot of things you have to focus and work on for your marketing strategy. Now we will take a look at each process and what role does both digital and traditional marketing play in promoting your products and business.

What Is Digital Marketing and traditional marketing

Digital marketing also known as online marketing is advertising your products/services/brand through digital media. Such as search engine, facebook, instagram, email etc.

Traditional marketing is about reaching or advertising to the audience through offline means. Such as broadcasting, telemarketing, direct mail, etc. Those were the only means of marketing back in the days before the internet. But now the world has changed from before even from a marketing perspective each day there is something new. The marketing strategy that you used yesterday to get thousands, tomorrow that strategy may not even work. For example, Google makes 500 to 600 changes in its algorithm every year. Now you can guess how much important it is to adjust and adapt to marketing and its evolution.

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

– Doug Warner

Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of digital and traditional marketing in a bit of detail:

Advantages of Traditional Marketing:

  • It remains more on the audience’s or customer’s mind they remember it more as it leaves more of an impact on the audience both emotionally and mentally.
  • It makes it easy for you to reach the local audience using traditional media.
  • It can be more helpful than digital marketing according to your target audience. If your target audience is adults over 50 years most of them spend more time watching tv and newspapers rather than on Instagram and Twitter.

 Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

  • Traditional marketing can be more expensive than digital marketing. For example, a tv commercial is for sure more expensive than a Facebook commercial.
  • Hard to target your specific audience. In social media marketing, you can easily get your product advertised to your target audience through few simple steps.
  • Takes a long to execute. 
  •  Unlike digital marketing, it is quite difficult to measure the conversion/sales rate of your ads through traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing can be very helpful in many ways you have to give and some attention to it in your marketing. But, this article is about which one should you give the most importance to. Which one will give you the most profit in today’s world?

Let’s take a detailed look at digital marketing advantages and disadvantages to be more clear:

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Despite all the advantages of traditional marketing Digital marketing still may be a better and more profitable choice for you. Why? 

Digital marketing produces a tremendous ROI. It helps you in your brand growth for long time. With digital marketing you can make sure your products reach the target audience, it is easier for you to track the results and your customers by yourself even after a digital marketing campaign has ended. 

It offers a wider reach if you want your business to grow internationally or to be recognized internationally you must have a digital presence that defines your business. By digital presence it meant that you need to have a brand value digitally, your profiles should be more engaging, SEO should be done correctly, and many more. 

Digital marketing is cost-efficient it costs a lot lower than traditional marketing. You could hire a digital marketing agency for a 1-year campaign at the price of a tv commercial. 

Most importantly, this is a digital era you cannot be dreaming of your business reaching to the top or to the heights you want it to reach with just traditional means of advertising. Attraction and engagement is the first process of branding and the amount of attraction you can get in a mobile device is unimaginable. 

Digital Marketing isn’t just about advertising and social media isn’t a place for product showcase or distribution. It is a creative platform.

Many people take these differences and the importance of correct implementation of digital marketing for granted. They don’t realize the vast majority of opportunities digital marketing provides. Just suppose you are not ranking for any keyword at google your social media profiles have very less amount of post engagement. Digital Marketing is a gem for you and your business. A digital marketing strategy that gets planned out without knowing your customers and without getting the content that provides your customers value, fails. Digital marketing isn’t something that needs no knowledge and everyone can do it. I used to think that 5 years before but now I have spent all my time studying or doing research on digital marketing. Digital marketing is an art. It is risky if not done correctly. A small mistake from your side can produce a negative influence on your audience and can harm all the efforts you have been putting. A correct knowledge of digital marketing is a MUST before implementation. 

Even digital marketing has some disadvantages or downsides. 

The downside of Digital Marketing

The only downside that will be affecting your brand is the vast popularity of digital marketing. Anyone can compete with you.  Your competitors can hire a digital agency that can run social media advertisements and posts, they can produce content they can optimize their site. They can compete with you anytime. Even if you are running a huge business, a brand. Even so, a small startup that no one recognizes today can compete with you and get ahead of you. Because achieving anything is possible with digital marketing in today’s era. 


The importance of traditional marketing is not as it was 10 years before and it is going to change more. Yet traditional marketing can be a good choice if you want your business to grow locally or at the local level. But, even in that digital marketing cannot be compromised. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of traditional marketing as well as of digital marketing. But, as I mentioned before this is a digital era you have to move according to time. You are lucky to establish your business in the most suitable era for digital marketing. So, make use of the opportunity. 

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