Think your website design isn't good enough?
You can do it better

A properly designed and structured website is what gets into the heart of the audience before purchasing a product or service.


There are a lot of questions people have in mind when designing a website layout. But, there are a few things every developer must keep in mind before planning it out. I will try to keep this short and straight. Stating the main points developers miss and problems developers face.

The most important thing is going for minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t just mean plain and clean understandable content. The point I am referring to is not making it complex, you may like your website to have hundreds of animations and create a great experience for the users. But, this isn’t the case from the perspective of the user. The person is mostly in a rush and wants to complete the work from your website and move to many other important things. For them, your website is just a source of buying a product or looking up for a piece of information and there are all kinds of animation popping up, email newsletters popping up. The user gets irritated and this causes harm to your brand value and traffic decreases over time.

Keep it simple if your website is too complex for users, they will have a bad impression anyway. “The first impression is the last impression” if the users don’t find your content attractive enough they will return to the SERPs causing all your work even in SEO to go to waste.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

— Robert L. Peters, Graphic Designer

Other important things to keep in consideration are:

Page Speed

If your website loads slowly it is over before the user even visits your site and this is one of the most important things in User Experience.

Broken Links

If all the things are well and good – The design is decent and the page load time is also good. The user is going through the reading content of your site and finds something interesting. The users click on it for more information just to find out that the link isn’t working. The user is already interested in the topic and he/she will return to google search for the topic and clicks the best relevant content in the SERPs.

That means you are losing your earned traffic to other sites through a small mistake in internal links and the possibility the user will again come back to your site is very low. 


You don’t need to add irrelevant designs to your site just for the sake of making it more engaging.

Pay attention to detail as a slight mistake can cause big harm from the perspective of the user.

Don’t lose your audience through small mistakes that can get solved in a minute or so.